Physically Gifted or Mentally Strong: Which Athlete Wins More?

Until recently, sports psychology was seen as something to turn to when on a losing streak or stuck in a rut, but recent scientific research now says there is more to it than that. Your brain works like a muscle. It grows when you train it and it goes when you don’t. By focusing on the learnable mental skills that are important to athletic success like confidence, focus and determination, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike will, over time, literally rewire their brains for greater success. It’s a pretty interesting idea, but does it resonate?

We chatted with Dr Jim Afremow, who recently left his role as Peak Performance Coordinator with the San Francisco Giants to release “Champion’s Mind” - the app that gives every amateur athlete and fitness enthusiast access to the mental skills training routines followed by top professional athletes.

A sports psychologist in your pocket

“Champion’s Mind is like a sports psychologist in your pocket” says Jim. “It teaches you the mental skills used by top professionals to maintain their competitive edge - day after day, season after season”.

“So many different types of people are using the app” he continues. We’ve had feedback from competitive amateur athletes, running and fitness enthusiasts, coaches and parents at every level of sport - from Olympic Gold Medalists all the way down to mothers and fathers who want to help their kids have fun and build their self confidence. It’s been a rollercoaster, and we’ve only just started.

Love what you do

When it comes to answering the first question though, Dr Afremow plays it safe. The message that Champion’s Mind communicates is simple, he says. Always remember why you fell in love with your sport in the first place.

Always remember why you fell in love with your sport in the first place.

Celebrate your successes and the successes of your teammates, and treat defeat as an opportunity to learn and improve. Focus only on things you can control - bring confidence, a positive attitude and the right focus every time you train and every time you compete. That way, when the opportunity does arise, you’ll always be ready to reach for gold.

It’s not a bad message, and maybe one that’s for more than just athletes too. Download the Champion’s Mind app in the app/play store or by visiting​.

Dave Kearney

Dave Kearney

Stronger every day, wiser every moment.